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About “Raising the Bar”:

“Just loved the realistic portrayal of the sport, and kudos to Mike Pulcinella for
capturing the emotions and spectacle so brilliantly. On a one to ten scale, this is
a 12 (breaks the scale)!”
Gerry T, Moderator, Weights on the Web

"The DVD was great. It illustrates clearly how most of the basic elements that
comprise what most people consider to be a normal life seem to inevitably fall
by the wayside as an athlete supplants them with the singular overarching goal
of being a champion in our sport.",
Ed Corney, bodybuilding legend and one of the stars of Pumping Iron

“Un-freaking-real! Great job, well done! I finally dried my eyes and un-stopped
my running nose! You guys have really gotten inside the heart of bodybuilding
and what we really go through.!
IFBB pro Vicki Nixon

Millard Baker, mesomorphosis.com

“Excellent!!!!!!! Mike’s delivery over the footage is what makes it go. His
handling of Anthony’s passing couldn’t have been done better.”
Gary Udit, NPC PA and Ohio district chairman

“Mike is a natural filmmaker and this film breaks new ground for
Mike Emery, bodybuilding reviews.net
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“Kicks ASS!”
Lori B.

“Top notch. Very moving...”
Eric H.

“Mike is a skilled filmmaker and storyteller and he is careful to make sure that
this story retains real-life texture. Mike’s edits are crisp and the soundtrack
works well.“
Erich Vieth, dangerousintersection.com

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“What a refreshing change from the hundreds of training DVDs I own. It tells an
actual story! Imagine that!”
Mike A.

“Great motivational story! I got so inspired halfway through watching the DVD
that I paused it, went to the gym, and had one of the most pain quenching
sessions ever!”
Sam Z.

About “Raptors 2005”:

“We love it! The action and the music were perfect together. It captured all of the
emotion and excitement the team went through.” Bob B.

“I watch it over and over. It gets better every time!”
Joe M.

About “Courage 2006”:

“Thank you so much for the film. It was great! You certainly captured all the
girls and their personalities. It will be so much fun to look back as she gets
older and moves on with soccer to see where it all started.”
Kimberly B.

About “StrongWomen Contest”:

“That's seriously one of the coolest videos I've seen.”
CJB, moderator, Iron Tybe forum

“Mike Pulcinella really put together an awesome video of this competition - you
can tell he has a good understanding of the strength sports and of the mentality
of the athletes who compete in them.”
Jalaine P.

About “Pacifico Ford Liberty Strongman Classic 2005”:

“Awesome! You can always count on high quality from Mike P!”
Callie Marunde

"About Kim & Mike's wedding video":

“We all loved the video, it was AWESOME!!! You made my dad and me cry during
the segment with the both of us. There were so many great parts of the video I
could go on forever. Thanks you so much for what you did...from the
engagement shoot to the reception. You really went above and beyond!”
Kim D.



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