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Raising the Bar
  The Raising the Bar Trilogy is a ground-breaking documentary series that showed for the first time the gritty, day to day reality of what it means to live life as a bodybuilder.

RTB1 was my first major project. It started out to be about my brother Dave’s attempt to win the Mr. Delaware State title. But it became much more than that. It was an inside look into what it takes to compete as a bodybuilder made at a time when this kind of honesty was rare for a bodybuilding DVD.

RTB1 is a story of exhaustion, struggle, despair and ultimate triumph, told from the point of view of Dave, his family and his girlfriend Jenn who was also competing as a figure competitor at the same show. Despite its somewhat low tech origins, Raising the Bar went on to become a sensation in the bodybuilding world. Soon people were asking for a sequel.

As Dave went on to compete at the national level I “raised the bar” for myself as well, getting new equipment and learning as much about video production as I could to produce RTB2. This DVD took the series higher in its frank depictions of the physical difficulties associated with this sport, including the tragic death of fellow competitor Anthony Darezzo the day before the 2006 Masters

In RTB3 I followed Dave during his final dramatic attempt to become a pro bodybuilder and his subsequent retirement from competition. RTB3 explores how a person reinvents himself and comes to terms with the end of a part of his life that has defined him a person for over 25 years.

Taken together, RTB1, 2 and 3 are an intense, personal view inside a world that few people have ever seen. This is not a “sets and reps” kind of bodybuilding video, but a real life documentary that just happens to be about bodybuilding. RTB will make you laugh, cry and gasp. It is an unforgettable trip into the inner workings of a misunderstood sport and a powerful lesson in the sacrifices that are necessary to be the best at anything.

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Kai Greene: OVERKILL
  In August of 2009 I was sent by the bodybuilding supplement company MuscelMeds to Las Vegas, Nevada to make a DVD about the preparations bodybuilding sensation Kai Greene was undergoing to make his first attempt at the Mr. Olympia crown. What I encountered there was nothing like what I had anticipated.

Deeply spiritual, completely committed, and pushed to his limits, Kai with his trainer Oscar Ardon, were taking Kai’s career to a new level, and seeming to suffer with some of the pressures that being in the spotlight can bring. OVERKILL is not a “workout video” even though we do have great footage of him training shoulders in Brooklyn and arms and back in Vegas. What OVERKILL is really about is the mind of a champion. What kind of mindset and philosophy does it take to climb up out of poverty and illiteracy in order to challenge the best bodybuilders in the world and make something more of yourself? What does it take to push yourself to the limit? And what happens when you fall short of your expectations?

OVERKILL is less a “pure” unbiased documentary and more like a “60 Minutes” piece. In it I assume the role of the reporter doing my best to make sense of a level of dedication and intensity that I have never before seen.

  In Volume 2 of the New Breed DVD series we continue to explore the question
first posed in OVERKILL,”What makes a champion?”

Though one of the best first outings in the history of the contest, Kai Greene’s
4th place win at the 2009 Mr. Olympia was seen as a disappointment and the
shock of falling short of his goal was clearly evident in OVERKILL. In “Kai Greene:
REDEMPTION” Kai reaffirms his goals and continues to work towards them. What
is seen by some as a failure becomes for Kai a stepping stone to the future.

In REDEMPTION the contrast wth Las Vegas is dramatic and a different portrait of
Kai begins to emerge. His body and spirit are strong, his purpose seems clear,
his words more focused. No longer chasing the physiques of other competitors,
Kai has been true to himself and it pays off with a second win of the Arnold

And yet even as he continues to establish himself as a force to be reckoned with
in the world of bodybuilding Kai Greene also has a message and in REDEMPTION
that message begins to be revealed. His reliance on the powers of positive
thinking is seen clearly in this documentary and he points the way for all of us to
follow the “path of increase” and attain whatever goals we desire


• A young bodybuilder is taken through a brutal workout designed to strengthen
the mind/muscle connection and help with his posing. Along the way he learns a
few things from Kai about dedication and making the decsion to succeed.

• We follow Kai to Shawn Ray’s MuscleCamp 2009 and listen in on Kai’s
squatting seminar.

• We watch in awe as Oscar puts Kai through a brutal leg workout a few weeks
before the 2010 Arnold Classic.

• We take you into the mayhem of backstage at the Arnold Classic and watch as
Kai reaffirms his status as one of today’s most dynamic and promising

• And we look ahead to the biggest challenge of all...the 2010 Olympia!

In interviews with Kai, his trainer Oscar and a few surprise guests, REDEMPTION
explores the mental and spiritual bedrock upon which all of Kai’s success has
been based. This documentary examines what it takes to become a champion;
what it takes to go from 4th place to first. Travel with Kai from Brooklyn to
Columbus; from uncertainty to confidence. From disappointment...to

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